Full Color digital LED billboard / electronic mobile indoor LED display screen

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Full Color digital LED billboard / electronic mobile indoor LED display screen

Quick Viewing:
More than 960Hz refreshing frequency and 14bit grey scale;
110°Horizontal viewing angle and 55°vertical viewing angle;
With 85-264VAC large scale switching power supply input;
Pixel pitch is 0.39 inch (20mm) for outdoor usage;
Popular DIP346 led type, 1 red 1 green and 1 blue, traditional dip type led;
Physical density: 232dots per square feet (2500 dots per square meters);
Module pixel configuration of W 16× H 16 dots;
Module size is W 12.6 X H 12.6 inch (W 320 × H 320 mm);
Cabinet resolution are W 64 x H 48 dots, cabinet size is W 37.8 x H 37.8 inch;
Maximum power consumption is less than 49.24W/sq.ft (530W/㎡).

Detailed Description:
With operating temperature between -30℃-60℃, LED display is able to be installed in any environments and our products even can be able to operate in coastal place with high temperature and high salt degree.

High uniformity and contrast;
With working lifespan at least 100000 hours;
Controlling method: synchronous and asynchronous;
Display performance: seamless splice, good appearance;
Durable fresh color and high brightness by adopting high quality Led lamps;
Energy saving by using excellent driving IC and improved PCB design;
Anti-UV module mask, Anti-Oxidation module frame for protection from deformation;
With IP65 protection grade, suitable for working in different outdoor environments.

Popular Application:
Stadium LED displays are designed for sports events, they are mainly used for displaying ads or showing scores in the sports stadium.


Item Technical Parameters
Screen model OC-SD-P20DIP346
Led encapsulation DIP346
Led configuration 1R1G1B
Pixel pitch(mm/inch) 20mm / 0.79 inch
Red chip Wavelength range: 619-628nm, 5nm;
Brightness range:700-1000mcd
Green chip Wavelength range: 461-470nm, 4nm;
Brightness range: 1400-1700mcd
Blue chip Wavelength range: 522-531nm, 4nm;
Brightness range: 350-500mcd
Resolution 232dots/sq.ft (2500dots/㎡)
Maintenance Rear-maintained
Brightness: CD/sq.ft (CD/㎡) >603.58CD/sq.ft (6500 CD/㎡)
Refreshing frequency: Hz >960 Hz
Grey scale 14bit
Module pixel W 16 × H 16 dots
Module size W 12.60 X H 12.60 inch (W 320 × H 320 mm)
Cabinet resolution(w x h) 64 x 48 dots
Cabinet size(inch x inch) 50.39 x 37.8 inch (1280 x 960 mm)
Viewing angle Horizontal≥110°, Vertical≥55°
Cabinet material Aluminum/steel
Lightness uniformity Pixel & module>90%
Cabinet color Customized
Driving method Static
Driving IC MBI5041/MBI5024/JXI5020
Power supply 85-264VAC, typical value: 110VAC/220VAC
Max consumption Max.≤49.24W/sq.ft (530W/㎡)
Average consumption Ave.: 16.35-24.62w/sq.ft(Ave.:176-265w/㎡)
Led life time ≥100000hours
Mean time to failure ≥5000hours
Module plainness ≤1mm
Pixel out of control less than 1/ 10⁻⁴, dispersion state
Working temperature -30ºC to +60ºC
Working humidity 20% to 90%
Waterproof IP lamp & top:IP65, other part:IP54
Protection function dampproof/dust-free/anti high temp/anti-thunder/ anti electromagnetic interference, etc
Certificate CCC /CE/UL/Rohs/Tuv
Hardware interface Standard PC network interface technology/U disc/3G
Display mode 24 bit true color
Colors 281 trillion colors
Colour processing ability ≥14bit
Color temperature 3000K ≤ TC ≤9000K, adjustable
Brightness regulating degrees continuously adjustable step by step through the software
Anty-Y correction curve Anti-γ correction system: 2.2-2.8 adjustable
Image adjust White balance/contrasting / hue control/ Single point brightness adjustment
Image processing mage noise reduction/ image enhancement/ image motion compensation/ Image color coordinate transformation processing/ Image passivation treatment
Correction technology Yes
Video mode AVI, WMV, MPG, MOV, DAT, VOB, MP4, FLV
Controlling platform Windows, Apple IOS

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