stage elegant backdrop led display big format bumping led wall

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stage elegant backdrop led display big format bumping led wall

Moving led screen structure for stage background design. The supporting structure can actually move in and out every few seconds or minutes, which makes the led panels pop in and out accordingly. Each combat box controls 8 to 10 led panels and programed to move in certain patterns. Contact me if you are interested.

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Contact : Tina Zhang

Mobile: +86 136 6632 7758

Whatsapp: +86 136 6632 7758
Viber: +86 136 6632 7758
Wechat: zt973787262

Skype: tina.zhang623



1.Low Carbon Dioxide Emission
2.Energy Saving and Eco-friendly
3.Stunning Visual Experience
4.High recall rate and attracting customers


Parameters available for all sizes and pixels of led cabinet
Pixels(mm) 10mm 16mm 20mm
Physical Density (dot/m²) 10000 3906 2500
LED Light DIP346
Viewing Angle Vertical 120° Horizontal 60°
Brightness (nits) ≥6500 ≥7500 ≥5500
Scanning Mode 1/4 scanning static
Grey Level 65536
Refresh Rate(Hz) ≥1000HZ
LED Module Size(mm) 160×160×28.5 256×256×28.5 320×320×28.5
Cabinet Size(mm) 960×960×148.5 1024×1024×148.5 1280×960×148.5
Cabinet Material Metal Sheet
Cabinet Weight (kg) 60 65 78
Voltage 220V
APC(W / m2) 220 220 200
MPC(W / m2) 650 650 600
Maintenance Back Maintenance
Protective Level Front : IP65,Back: IP54
Working Temperature/Humidity Temperature:-20℃~ 50℃ Humidity:10~90%RH
Storage Temperature/Humidity Temperature:-40℃~ 60℃ Humidity:10~90%RH
Service Life(h) ≥50000
Quality Standard CCC,CE
Full Screen Thickness 1150mm
Track Flexibility 200mm
Stop Time Adjustable
Popping Type 3-18 ways, optional
Material LED Module + Metal Sheet Box

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