Two basic color LED wall panel / railway stations waterproof LED mesh display

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Two basic color LED wall panel / railway stations waterproof LED mesh display


The Outdoor P10 LED Display is extensively used in outdoor hoardings and bill boards, live stage events, hotel and mall exterior, stadiums score boards and runner boards and for the beautification of the exterior of commercial as well as residential apartments.




LED Specification of Outdoor P10 LED Display
1 LED Chip Brand Red: Opto / Epistar
Green & Yellow: Silan
2 Wave Length (nm) R: 625nm;
G: 525nm;
B: 470nm
3 Pixel Configuration 1R1G1B
Module & Cabinet Specification of Outdoor P10 LED Display
4 Physics Distance Between Pixels 10 mm
5 Physics Pixel Density 10, 000 Pixel/m²
6 Module Dimensions (W x H) 160mmX160mm
7 Physics Pixel / Module 16 x 16 = 256
8 Cabinet Dimensions ( W x H xT) 960mm X 960mm X 190mm
9 Physics Pixel / Cabinet 96 x 96 = 9216
10 Cabinet Weight 51 kg
11 Cabinet Material Steel Cabinet / Aluminum Cabinet
12 Cabinet Frame Standard Frame
Simple Frame (without backdoor)
Lifting Frame (specially for rental use)
Screen Specification of Outdor P10 LED Display
13 Brightness >7000cd/m²
14 Viewing Distance (min, max) >10m
15 Power Consumption / Screen MAX 1000 w/m² ;
Average 300 w/m² ;
16 Drive Mode 1/4 scan
17 Refresh Rate 300-3000 HZ adjustable
18 Frame Rate 60HZ
19 Display Flatness 0.5mm
20 Maintenance Back maintenance, replace the module
21 Led Life Span 100, 000 hours
22 Supply Voltage AC220V/50HZ, ± 10%;
AC110V/60HZ, ± 10%
23 Operating Temperature -20º C~+50º C
24 Operating Humidity 10%-90%
25 Storage Temperature -40º C~+60º C
26 Viewing Angle Horizontal: 120°, Vertical: 65°
27 Grey Scale Red, green, blue each 16k
28 Display Colors 4096 Billion
29 IP Rating IP65 water proof, dust proof
30 Aging Time in Factory More than 72 hours constantly
31 The Software LED Studio
32 System Supported Win 98 / 2000 / 2003 / XP / WIN7
33 Control Mode Real Time Control (Synchronous)
34 Display Capability Flash, Video, Graphic, Text
35 Signal Supported RGB, VGA, DVI, etc.


1. High brightness LEDs with high luminous efficiency and low brightness decay.
2. Good cooling system with automatic temperature control fan, which only works when the temperature is high.
3. High heat-resistant and waterproof glue on the surface, 3 years warranty on the power supply, good quality cables to ensure the stable performance with long lifetime.
4. Easy and fast maintenance.
5. High refresh rate, seamless splice, good uniformity, HD video with vivid picture.
6. Brand new mask design makes the light from LEDs almost non-reflection.
7. Conformal coatings have excellent corrosive property towards to electronics and circuit board (PCB/PCBA).
8. At least 72hours aging test before out of factory.

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