LED Display Module P6mm With Epistar Chip

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LED Display Module P6mm With Epistar Chip

LED Video Application?

1. Advertising of outdoor cultural plaza center

2. shopping mall center promotion info display

3. Roadside media advertising

4. airport, station and hotel which can be chosen as message board

Pitch 6mm
Density 27777(dot/㎡)
Unit Board Size 192mm*192mm
Module Resolution 32*32=1024(dot)
Case Size 576mm*576mm
Cabinet Resolution 96*96(dot)
Number of Unit Board/Module 3*3=9pcs
LED Drive Mode Constant Driving 1/8 Scan Way
LED Standard SMD3535
Viewing Angle H:±150° V:±120°
Brightness ≥5000CD/㎡
Best Viewing Distance 5-50m
Display Color 687Milion
Display Mode 1024*768/1280*1024
Protection Class 65(IP)
Power Max: 1200W/㎡ Average: 400W/㎡
Pixel Dots 1R1G1B
Control Method Video Synchronization
LED Parameters (R): d(620-625nm) IV: (1000-1100mcd) (G): d(520-525nm) IV: (2200-2500mcd) (B): d(465-470nm) IV: (400-600mcd)
Refresh Rate ≥1200Hz
Communication Cats(≤120M)/Fiber Optical(10.000m)

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