Curved Stage Flexible LED Screen Rental , Transparent Led Display Board

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Curved Stage Flexible LED Screen Rental , Transparent Led Display Board


Features of led screen:


1. High-precision optical design of LED, each pixel is integrated by RGB LED chips.

2. Perfect color mixing efficiency: rational design on reflector and chip arrangement makes RGB colors mixed and condensed sufficiently and creates no granular sensation.

3. Good performance in flatness, uniformity, consistency and clarity.


4. The raw material of all of the outdoor products including LED chips, mask, glue and steel cabinets have the ability of enduring high temperature and high humidity , and being anti-UV, waterproof, anticorrosion and antirust.

5. Every production process is well controlled and all of the electronic components are covered by 2mm Tri-Guard

Lacquer to ensure no oxidation, no rusty and no moisture. Five-Guard Lacquer will be used for special requirements.

6. Large viewing angle, up to 150┬░horizontally and 140┬░vertically, with no image distortion and no color cast at any angle within this range.

7. All of the cabinets are tested by flush, shower and soaking, to ensure the waterproof grade of front side to be IP40.


LED display market is undergoing great changes, from fixed image display to mobile display, then the current irregular shape display and some one with special requirements. Except for the traditional function of showing information , LED display also updated the requirement on outside looking , which made it more suitable for the whole structure .

As a matured developed LED display manufacturer, Dicolor not only has advanced equipment and machines , as well as many items of LED Screen , but also is aiming to provide suitable product to all of our customers.

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